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An active youth footwear and apparel brand, was founded in 1998 by skate pro Matt Field and a group of style-conscious skateboarders in San Francisco, California. Originally, IPATH footwear specialized in predominantly hi-top skateboard shoes and boots, but the brand has since evolved into shoes specially designed for comfort and casual apparel and accessories such as handbags, hats, tshirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. In 2007, the IPATH brand was acquired by The Timberland Company and in January of 2011 Klone purchased IPATH from Timberland in order to expand its product offering.“Follow Your Path” is the message that has spread through the IPATH culture – to think differently and to offer a unique way of looking at products and life. The concept has always been to take premium casual classics and re-mix them with a lifestyle spin, and that vision continues in the product design and messaging today. IPATH offers up products that change the scope of thinking around footwear and apparel within the board sports community. IPATH is committed to making the world a better place through better manufacturing practices, social responsibility, and through working with global and local foundations. Fourteen years after its inception, as IPATH continues to evolve as a brand within active youth culture, the Company is pushing more than ever to awaken the inner global nomad in everyone, or to “Search and Enjoy.”

IPATH was started with the vision of appealing to a wide range of customers, from the raw urban streets of San Francisco and New York to the hipster metropolitan cities of Japan. The IPATH brand is the perfect blend of skate, music, and art all mixed together to form a lifestyle brand for the board sports culture. IPATH offers products that change the scope of thinking around footwear and apparel within the board sports community. IPATH products are made with a focus on lifestyle and inspiration, quality and durability, comfort and fit, performance, and the environment.

  • Lifestyle and Inspiration – As one of the premier emerging lifestyle brands in the footwear and apparel industry, IPATH aims to meet the specific demands of action sports and fashion lifestyle consumers alike.
  • Quality and Durability – IPATH strives to use only the best materials and construction methods available to ensure each and every pair of shoes that is produced represents a high benchmark of quality. IPATH shoes are team-tested and held to the highest durability standards that modern day skateboarding demands.
  • Comfort and Fit – Comfort is an aspect of footwear where there is no compromise. New features such as strobel lasted construction, EVA footbeds, and an updated slimmer last for a more contoured fit are a few examples of IPATH’s ongoing commitment to make comfortable shoes that fit.
  • Performance – There is almost nothing harder on a pair of shoes than skateboarding. Every pair of IPATH shoes, whether intricate or simple, meets the standards of skateboarding. Performance features such as sticky rubber and premium suede are used throughout the line to ensure that every pair is skate-ready right out of the box.
  • Environment – IPATH is committed to causing no unnecessary harm to the environment.

Management is always looking at ways to refine the process to reduce the Company’s impact on the earth. Decisions to use water-based glues on shoes and recycled glue-less boxes with soy inks are examples of IPATH’s commitment to the environment


As New Balance’s exclusive licensing partner for open toe sandals, Klone specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of sandals for both men and women. Categories of New Balance sandals include thong, athletic, lifestyle, kids, slides, outdoor, and custom print.

  • REVITALIGNrx – REVITALIGNrx footwear extends the New Balance athletic heritage into basics of mobility, designed with the unique purpose of enhancing the walking experience. Developed out of consumer needs and backed by industry-leading orthopedic research, REVITALIGNrx footwear ensures foot and body wellness. REVITALIGNrx footwear was designed by orthopedic and biomechanics expert Dr. Geoffrey Gray, who has worked hands-on with top professional NBA, MLB, and NFL athletes at The Peak Performance Lab in Santa Barbara, CA to develop an innovative method to orthotic development that promotes foot, leg, and ankle support in a wide range of performance activities.
  • Minimus – The Minimus sandal collection is inspired by the barefoot or minimalist movement in athletic footwear. These sandals minimize the distance between the foot and the ground and feature a more neutral last and incorporate a Vibram™ rubber outsole.
  • Plush20 – The Plush20 sandal features water resistant memory foam that is twice as waterresistant as the standard memory foam sandal.
  • PLUSfoam™ – The 100% recyclable PLUSfoam™ technology offers a smarter approach to the way people can be environmentally minded today without a sacrifice to comfort, style, or value. Scrap and waste from traditional sandal production can now be 100% reclaimed and reused to make new, fresh batches of this incredible material for use in new products again and again.

New Balance Golf Shoes:
As the exclusive licensing partner for New Balance golf shoes, Klone will take the characteristics of New Balance running – comfort, fit, and wide width, and incorporate them with the performance needs of competitive and casual golfers. Targeted distribution channels for the golf shoe line will be sporting goods stores, golf specialty stores, Internet, and New Balance franchise stores.

Klone will begin shipping golf shoes in 2014 and its licensing agreement with New Balance for golf footwear extends to 2019. In its marketing efforts Klone will focus on both male and female golfers who are seeking comfortable golf footwear. Management believes that through a high-profile endorsement the Company can begin to gain substantial market share. The golf shoe collection includes the Minimus LX and Minimus Sport models